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When your child is born, you know that it will be a long time before he or she goes through potty training. That’s why some parents buy new diapers every week to avoid the hassle of remembering them when they need changing. However, this may not save money in the long run because there are many things that can go wrong with old nursery clothes and they don’t always absorb well as babies grow into toddlers and then children (and sometimes even adults). One solution these parents have found is buying portable changing pads like Clever Clogs from East Coast Nursery on Amazon so their babies won’t soil themselves at home while playing or sleeping over night on what might otherwise seem like innocuous floor coverings.

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Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The East Coast Nursery Clever Clogs are a great size to go with our changing pad. They’re large enough so that my daughter can’t slip her foot out and they stay on the mat, but not too big that she feels like walking around in them all day!
At the time of writing there were 22 customer reviews for this product which had awarded it an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 (outstanding).
Many parents commented about how well-made these clogs are; others mentioned their pocket sizes when travelling or using public bathrooms: “the packable design makes these clogs very convenient for travel”; “they fit easily into my diaper bag, purse and car seat”
One parent felt more comfortable buying a second pair just in case because the price was so low: “I bought these as a gift for someone else’s child who is potty learning at school–she said she liked them better than any other brand/style.”


The East Coast Nursery Clever Clogs are an all-in-one changing pad and diaper pail in one. The product has a fully waterproof zipper that goes around the top of the bag, so you can close it while your baby is still inside to keep them dry. It also comes with two leak guards – one for each side of the zipper – which ensure that no accidents happen during travel or on those long car rides with your baby!

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