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Charlie Banana offers a wide range of gender neutral and unisex underwear, which means that men will feel just as comfortable wearing them as women. They also offer comfortable everyday briefs for every occasion. If you’re looking for basics to go with your new baby’s outfits or if you’re shopping for some comfy loungewear, Charlie Banana has got something there for everyone.

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Our Rating: 5.0 Out of 5 Stars

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The Charlie Banana is one of the most popular menstrual pad inserts. It has a 4-layer construction and has been designed with maximum absorbency in mind. The insert features no seams, which means there is less chance for them to leak or bunch up during use.
It also includes an extra layer of waterproof protection added on top! So if you are looking for some good quality pads that won’t let you down during your period, I would recommend giving these a try! They have great reviews from all kinds of people who seem to really like this product as well 🙂
I found 1 customer review at the time of writing and they had awarded it 5 stars out of 5 on average.
A user said: “These are by far my favorite inserts.”


In summary, the Charlie Banana inserts and liners are great for cloth diapering or just to have on hand as a back-up. They’re affordable, easy to use, absorbent (no leaks), and work well with most brands of diapers. Most parents who choose this product love it because they can reuse them over and over again without having to buy new ones every time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charlie Banana a good company?

A: Charlie Banana is a good company.

Do Charlie Banana diapers fit newborns?

A: Charlie Banana diapers are made for babies up to 6 months old.

Where is Charlie Banana made?

A: Charlie Banana is made in the United States.

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