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This review is going to be about one of the coolest, most useful products that I have ever reviewed. It’s a baby wipe warmer and wet wipes dispenser from Medela.
The idea for writing this review came after my daughter reached up with each hand to try and reach her face on both sides at once when she was teething – not necessarily giving me two choices but still requiring me to decide which side could get cleaned first. That moment made it clear how much more important it would be if we had a warm or cold wipe readily available in an emergency situation such as this one! To help make sure our family never has another frustrating experience like that again, these cool products are definitely worth buying!.
Introduction: This product is designed specifically for moms who need something quick and easy to clean their babies’ faces during those sensitive moments before they start teething..

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Features of Baby Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser

1. Disguise as normal underwear with these pads
2. Absorbency for moderate to heavy leaks
3. Soft, comfortable fit
4. Reliable & discreet bladder leakage products
5. Comfort & Innovation

1. Disguise as normal underwear with these pads

This product is a pair of briefs that act as a wet wipe warmer and dispenser. The warming pad can be reused up to 10 times before it needs to be replaced, while the wet wipes come in packs of 12. It’s easy for parents to keep everything within reach at all times too with these convenient briefs!

2. Absorbency for moderate to heavy leaks

For those with a little more on the go, this handy Baby Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser can be used to keep your baby’s hands clean. It comes with 15 wet wipes that are dispensed from its 30-watt heater in 5 minutes or less. This one also includes an absorbent pad for moderate to heavy leaks.,

3. Soft, comfortable fit

The baby wipes warmer and wet wipe dispenser is a handy addition to any home. The motor inside heats the water up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can keep your babies’ faces, hands and bottoms clean with just one motion. It also has three temperature settings for different types of skin and comes in two colors: white or gray.

4. Reliable & discreet bladder leakage products

The Baby Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser will be perfect for parents with a newborn. Often times babies have trouble pooping because they don’t know how to push hard enough or their little bodies are just too small, but the wet wipes dispenser can help keep your baby clean when she doesn’t want you near her “mess.” It’s also discreet and uses an electric pump so it won’t make any noise if someone is sleeping in the same house.

5. Comfort & Innovation

The Baby Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser is a convenient device that keeps your baby’s wipes warm, ready for use. It features an automatic shut off to prevent overheating the wipes which can lead to diaper rash or other skin irritations. The dispenser comes with 10 wet wipe packs so you won’t need to buy them separately.

Reviews & Ratings of Baby Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser

Our Rating: 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

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The Baby Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser from Boon is the perfect solution for parents with young children. Your little one will enjoy a warm, clean wipe after every day of carefree play in this cleverly designed device that comes complete with everything you need to keep your wipes moist and ready to go when needed.
I found 31 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Baby Wipe Warmer and Wet Wipes Dispenser 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 on average
One reviewer said, “It’s amazing how small it is but big enough to hold two large boxes or three smaller ones without taking up too much space” while another commented “This dispenser was great! It took just seconds to assemble.”
That makes it very easy for me to recommend the Baby Wife Warmers as well


With its easy to use design and the ability to hold up to 100 wipes, this is a wipe warmer you’ll be glad you invested in. A great choice for anyone with kids or just wants an extra hand dispenser on their countertop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are baby wipe warmers worth it?

A: Yes, baby wipe warmers are worth it. They can help you save time and money by keeping your wipes warm for when you need them.

Why not to use a wipe warmer?

A: Wipe warmers are not recommended for use with sensitive skin. They can cause irritation and redness, which is why they are not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Do you take wipes out of package for wipe warmer?

A: Yes, I do.

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