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The Woodland Moose Plush Changing Pad Cover is a soft, cozy blanket for your baby that’s perfect for naptime or bedtime. The cover has large oval-shaped patches of fabric on one side so you can see the changing pad from either direction and it comes in several colors to suit any nursery decor.

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Features of Woodland Moose Plush Changing Pad Cover

1. Polyester
2. Imported
3. Country of origin is China
4. Package Dimension of the product is 8L x7W x3H
5. Model Number: 102890

1. Polyester

Polyester is a durable, water-resistant fabric that’s resistent to heat, cold and stains. The material can be conveniently cleaned using a machine wash at the proper temperature settings.

2. Imported

The Woodland Moose Plush Changing Pad Cover is imported from China, because they can make these great plush changing pad covers in the country. With its soft chenille-look fabric and a moose face on one of the two sides, this cover will be sure to put you at ease as your baby sleeps soundly on it each night.

3. Country of origin is China

The Woodland Moose Plush Changing Pad Cover is a case for your changing pad that keeps it nicely wrapped in warmth and comfort. This cute cover features the woodland moose holding an apple tree branch, which evokes thoughts of the outdoors with its natural elements. The cover also comes in five different colors to suit parents who like variety.

4. Package Dimension of the product is 8L x7W x3H

The Woodland Moose Plush Changing Pad Cover is made to be used on the bed of a baby or toddler, but it’s also large enough for use as an adult-sized changing pad. It can easily accommodate most standard-size crib mattresses and will protect your child from any accidents that might occur if they were sleeping without one.

5. Model Number: 102890

This product is a changing pad cover that comes in the shape of an animal. The features include:
– Soft and plush fabric
– Dimensions : 45×36 inches (L)

Reviews & Ratings of Woodland Moose Plush Changing Pad Cover

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Woodland Moose Plush Changing Pad Cover from Koala Baby is a soft, plush cover designed to protect your baby during changing time. The cover folds up and fastens with Velcro for easy travel.
I found one customer review at the time of writing and they had awarded it 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average –
A satisfied reviewer said, “This gets five stars! My daughter has loved this since day one!”
This product would be very difficult to not recommend given how well-received it was by its customers.


This is a great choice for parents who are focused on the quality of their baby’s bedding. The soft, plush material coupled with its waterproof design make this an excellent value-for-money purchase.,

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of changing pad cover is best?

A: The best changing pad cover is one that can be easily cleaned and has a waterproof layer.

Do changing pad covers fit all changing pads?

A: Changing pad covers are designed to fit all changing pads.

Is a changing pad cover necessary?

A: Changing pads are not necessary, but they can be helpful. They are especially helpful for people who have a hard time changing diapers or incontinence pads.

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