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A playful take on the classic elephant. A gray and white striped pattern is more exciting than ever with this design that features a color-changing background in black, blue, red or green. Coordinates beautifully with Trend Lab’s other accessories for a sophisticated look throughout your nursery all year round ().

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Features of Trend Lab Playful Elephants Deluxe Flannel Changing Pad Cover

1. 100% Cotton Woven Flannel
2. Measures 31 x 18 in x 6 in
3. Elasticized to Ensure Snug Fit
4. Machine Washable

1. 100% Cotton Woven Flannel

Flannel is a soft and comfortable fabric that feels nice against your skin, easy to clean, and has a decent amount of elasticity. The woven cotton fabric makes this changing pad cover feel luxurious on the skin while being light enough for even the littlest ones in the room.

2. Measures 31 x 18 in x 6 in

This cover for the Trend Lab Playful Elephants Deluxe Flannel Changing Pad is a soft, thick and plushy-looking material that will make your baby feel safe and secure. This changing pad cover fits perfectly on any size of mattress so you don’t need to worry about it getting in the way or not being able to tuck under other items like blankets. You can also take off this blanket whenever you want because it’s machine washable!

3. Elasticized to Ensure Snug Fit

The Trend Lab Deluxe Flannel Changing Pad Cover is a super comfy and cozy cover that will keep baby warm, safe, and secure while they sleep. Soft to the touch yet tough enough for everyday use this changing pad cover has elasticized edges so it can hug your mattress perfectly without creating any unwanted creases or gaps in the fabric. This product also features tie-down straps at each corner of the cover so you can attach it securely over your mattress every night.,

4. Machine Washable

This cute and fun elephant changing pad cover is made from a soft, comfortable flannel material. It can be machine washed for easy cleaning after messy diaper changes.

Reviews & Ratings of Trend Lab Playful Elephants Deluxe Flannel Changing Pad Cover

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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Just like most of the Trend Lab products, I was very excited to try this out. This product is designed so you can use it as a changing pad cover or even just a blanket for your baby. The fabric is extremely soft and comfortable and doesn’t get too hot when in direct contact with skin during cuddling time.
This particular model has elephants on it which makes me want to buy more! But there are also other animals available such as giraffes, owls, wolves and bears available if that’s what strikes your fancy!. There were 16 customer reviews at the time of writing but they had awarded the Trend Lab Playful Elephants Deluxe Flannel Changing Pad Cover 4.5 stars out of five overall averaging four stars from each reviewer.
The customers who reviewed this item seem overwhelmingly positive about their purchase saying things like “softest thing”, “just love these blankets”and “the best.”
I think its safe to say that the trend lab playful elephants deluxe flannel changing pad cover would make an excellent addition for any family looking for something cute yet functional


This is a great option for parents who want to buy an organic changing pad cover that’s light and easy to clean. The fabric feels soft, the print is vivid, and it fits most standard changing pads.

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