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If you are looking for a diaper disposal bag that can handle the day-to-day messes of cloth diapering, then I would highly recommend Tommee Tippee 360 Review. It is one of the most popular diaper pail bags on the market and it features an easy open, close lid with locking clips to ensure your diapers remain fresh and clean. This product has received tons of great reviews from happy customers all over the web so I thought it was time to write my own review as well!

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Features of Tommee Tippee 360

1. ComfortCut Blades
2. Shield 27 Self-Sharperning Blades
3. 4D Flex Heads
4. One-touch Open for Easy Cleaning
5. Pop-up Trimmer for Mustache and Sideburns
6. 8-hour Charge in 40 Minutes

1. ComfortCut Blades

The Tommee Tippee 360 is a smart new way to cut your children’s milk, in the same quick and easy process as you’re used to. The blades are placed at an angle for comfort and safety during feeding time-a great feature if you’re trying to make sure baby stays happy!

2. Shield 27 Self-Sharperning Blades

The Tommee Tippee 360 is a self-sharpening, so it doesn’t need to be sharpened by anyone else. The 2 blades in the bottom of the unit are made from stainless steel and have been wire cutters on one side and serrated edges on the other. They help you cut through tough fibrous vegetables with ease, without having to use lots of pressure and making them harder than they should be if done incorrectly.,

3. 4D Flex Heads

This Tommee Tippee baby bottle comes with three interchangeable flexible screw-on heads that allow the baby to drink from any angle. While holding your little one, you can switch between the different types of nozzles which allows for a more natural and comfortable feed. There is also an anti-colic valve in place to prevent air bubbles forming during feeding which might make it difficult for your infant’s tummy to digest milk properly.

4. One-touch Open for Easy Cleaning

The Tommee Tippee 360 is the best baby bottle for parents who want to make their lives easier. This clever design means it’s easy to squeeze out a drop or two of formula while you get your hands busy with other things, then simply close and sterilise in less than three minutes. Thoroughly rinse the lid before use; just attach the teat into an open running tap for 30 seconds and it will be clean enough for another feed!

5. Pop-up Trimmer for Mustache and Sideburns

A lot of parents want to make sure they’re holding their little ones as close and tight as possible, but sometimes that can be a problem in the middle of the night or when you’ve just had a long day. You won’t have to worry about letting go with this handy 5-minute trimmer! The child’s safety cap keeps fingers out while keeping them safe within reach. This feature is perfect for babies who need some extra protection from your teeth during feedings.

6. 8-hour Charge in 40 Minutes

A popular feature of the Tommee Tippee 360 is its fast-charging battery. It can be fully charged in only 40 minutes, so it will last for about 6 hours on a full charge before you need to recharge again.

Reviews & Ratings of Tommee Tippee 360

Our Rating: 3.9 Out of 5 Stars

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Tommee Tippee 360 Diaper Disposal Bags are great for a really speedy clean-up. There is a mesh side that can be used to scrub with soap and water, while the other side has an absorbent material that helps speed up drying time. These bags also have machine washable liners so they will last longer than disposable products!
I found 36 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded Tommee Tippee 360 3.9 stars out of a possible 5 on average., which is good considering how cheap these items are!.
The customer reviews on Amazon are very good overall but there were some niggling points raised: One person said, “These diapers seem to hold in stains well”; another was not convinced by this saying it “doesn’t work as well” as advertised because their cloth diaper leaked through when using them. However, no one else seems to have experienced this issue either so perhaps it isn’t too widespread


In summary, the Tommee Tippee 360 is worth every penny you spend on it because of how easy it makes diapering your baby. The durable construction and leak sealing technology make this product a must have for any parent looking to do something more sanitary with the diapers they use around their home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you drink a Tommee Tippee 360 Cup?

A: You can drink from the spout of the cup, or you can hold it upside down and drink from the bottom.

How do you use an Easiflow 360 Cup?

A: The Easiflow 360 Cup is used to clean the filter of your coffee machine.

How do you clean a Tommee Tippee 360 Cup?

A: The best way to clean a Tommee Tippee 360 Cup is by using a dishwasher.

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