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The Prevail Sleepover Diaper is a cloth diaper that uses the water soluble polymers of its inner layer to allow for quick absorption and prevent leaks, keeping your baby comfortable all night long. The outer layer works together with the inner layer in order to provide effective protection from leaks as well as help keep wetness away from skin.

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Our Rating: 5.0 Out of 5 Stars

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The Prevail Sleepover Diaper is the diaper that everyone needs! This product has an absorbent polyurethane foam core, which offers a high level of absorption and leak protection. There are stretch panels for added flexibility and comfort, making it easier to wear throughout the day. It also features a moisture-wicking liner to keep your baby dry from top to bottom during nap time or nighttime sleepovers by pulling excess water away from their delicate skin’s surface before they make contact with clothing or bedding.
I found 9 customer reviews at the time of writing on Amazon but there were only 3 relatively new reviews so far in 2018, all awarding this product 5 stars out of 5 without any sort of complaint about performance issues whatsoever.
This makes it very easy for me to recommend this as well


In summary, the Prevail Sleepover Diaper is a disposable diaper that comes in both cloth and non-cloth options. It includes an adjustable waistband, leak guards and soft inner materials to keep baby comfortable while you sleep. The design of the product offers breathability for your child’s comfort as well as absorbency so they stay dry all night long.

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