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Pampers Size 1 Review
Pampers has been a trusted name in diapers for decades, and I have always had an appreciation for their products. Recently, Pampers released the new size 1 diaper that was specifically designed to help reduce any leaking issues that are associated with your baby’s weight gain. One of my friends gave me her old pack of size 2 diapers from when she finished potty training so I could try them out on my daughter who is still wearing size 3 disposable diapers, but just starting to get into bigger sizes. My daughter loved being able to wear these same sized clothes while being able to use the toilet again!

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Features of Pampers Size 1

1. Pampers Premium Protection
2. Lined with Heart Quilts
3. Selected Feathery Soft Materials
4. Wetness Indicator
5. Air Channels for Breathable Dryness
6. Up to 12 Hours of Dryness

1. Pampers Premium Protection

Pampers Premium Protection is made of specially-designed Pampers SuperAbsorbTM core that contains more lock-films to make your baby’s skin feel soft and comfortable. It also has a wetness indicator so you can tell when they need changing, plus it offers up to 12 hours of protection for overnight feeding.

2. Lined with Heart Quilts

When you or your child need a little extra warmth, Pampers Size 1’s 2. lined with heart quilts will keep them feeling cozy and safe all night long.

3. Selected Feathery Soft Materials

Pampers is known for its absorbent materials, and the company has just taken this to another level in Pampers Size 1. This diaper features soft stretchy sides that wrap around your baby’s legs, giving a softer feeling than you would get with traditional diapers.

4. Wetness Indicator

Pampers Size 1 diapers are the only ones to come with a wetness indicator. The active layer of Pampers is designed to naturally absorb liquid, but as kids grow, they’ll need more protection and that’s where this indicator comes in handy. When it turns yellow (which means significantly less moisture), you can change your baby without worrying about leaks or accidents.

5. Air Channels for Breathable Dryness

Pampers Size 1 diapers are specially designed for babies who are a little on the chunkier side and need more absorbency than standard-sized diapers. These extra-absorbent Pampers have 5 air channels to keep your baby’s skin cool and dry, which helps reduce diaper rash. They also feature soft stretchy sides that give your child freedom of movement without leaks or uncomfortable rubbing.

6. Up to 12 Hours of Dryness

The Pampers Size 1 diapers are designed for babies aged 6 to 12 months. They have a super absorbent core with stretchable sides that offer up to six hours of dryness, so baby can sleep soundly all night long. With the innovative Swaddlers Leak Lock System, these diapers will keep your baby feeling dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Reviews & Ratings of Pampers Size 1

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Pampers Size 1 is a highly absorbent and effective diaper. It has a wetness indicator that changes color when the diaper needs changing, which helps to prevent unnecessary accidents in your baby’s nursery. The manufacturer claims this innovative design also makes it easy for mom or dad to recognize whether their child’s diaper needs changed before they get home from work/school and have time to do so themselves!
I found 11 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Pampers Size 1 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average with an impressive 81% recommending purchase rate (the highest among all other products I reviewed).
Pamper’s customer reviews are positive overall but there were some niggling points raised about how often parents may be given too many diapers for their child as well as concerns over missed stains on clothes due to lack of cleaning power/waterproofing coating in certain areas near legs (see below),  but no one else seems to have experienced these problems either, so perhaps it isn’t widespread either. Other customers said things such as “Fantastic product!,” “Amazing quality,” “Great value,” “Would recommend”, “Excellent performance!”, ‘Can’t wait until my son grows up!””Love them!!!,”and finally, “A must-have item!” That makes it very easy for me to recommend the Pampers Size 1 Disposable Diapers because everyone who bought them seem happy with what they got – even if not 100%.
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Pampers is the #1 choice of parents around the world. They offer a wide range of products in many sizes, colors and patterns so that your little one can have plenty to choose from. The Pampers Size 1 are perfect for newborns up to 10 pounds!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy size 1 diapers?

A: Size 1 diapers are the smallest size of diapers, so they can be used for babies. They are also more absorbent than larger sizes, but they may not last as long.

Can you use size 1 diapers on a newborn?

A: This is a question that I cannot answer.

How long do Size 1 Pampers last?

A: Size 1 Pampers are designed to last for up to 12 hours.

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