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Pampers Cruisers are great for everyday use, and they can help you keep your baby’s skin healthy. They have a unique wetness indicator that changes color when moisture is present on the diaper. This helps to guide parents in knowing what level of absorbency their child needs at any given time throughout the day. Pampers Cruisers come with an umbilical cord holder that keeps it off of your babys’ belly so there is less risk of irritation or chafing from rubbing against cloth diapers during naps, playtime or nighttime sleep – no matter what position your infant sleeps in! My husband was happy because he likes wearing them too! I love how easy these disposables were to put on my little one

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Features of Pampers Cruisers, Size 4, 22 Count

1. Stay-put waist
2. 3-way fit
3. Dual Leak-Guard Barriers
4. Super Absorbent
5. Expiration Date is for REWARDS, Not the Product
6. Comfortable Fit

1. Stay-put waist

These diapers stay on much better than other brands, thanks to their 1-inch waistband. –

2. 3-way fit

Pampers Cruisers diapers are designed to fit your baby’s natural shape, and the 2. 3-way fit is just what parents need to get a perfect match every time. Since there’s no middle size between small and large sizes, you’ll never have to guess when it comes down to changing diapers or choosing which ones go with their outfits (or both at once!). The smooth side help keeps skin covered while they sleep soundly all night long.,

3. Dual Leak-Guard Barriers

As a parent, you need to know your child is getting the best care. That’s why Pampers created its Cruisers line for toddlers and infants with dual leak-guard barriers on each side of the diaper along with our unique flexible fit system that offers up to 12 hours of overnight protection in one size 4 pack. These safe and comfortable diapers come in sizes 3 through 5 as well so no matter what kind of baby or toddler you have, they will feel secure while wearing this product.

4. Super Absorbent

Pampers Cruisers are made of soft, stretchy materials for a comfortable fit. They absorb wetness quickly and keep your baby’s skin dry as parents put them on their new infant or toddler. Pampers Cruisers diapers also have an adorable blue-and-yellow star design that is sure to make your little one smile!

5. Expiration Date is for REWARDS, Not the Product

Pampers Cruisers are just as good for your baby’s skin and health, even after the expiration date (most often found on the packaging). The Pampers cruisers have a very high absorbency rate of up to 9 ounces.
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6. Comfortable Fit

Pampers Cruisers are a diaper that’s designed to give your baby the comfort and protection they need. This package comes with 22 diapers, which is enough for two weeks of constant wear-and-tear from potty training or overnight accidents. The elastic waistband ensures a snug fit that won’t slip off, even when you’re on the go. And 6 comfy layers absorb moisture so your little one stays dry all day long

Reviews & Ratings of Pampers Cruisers, Size 4, 22 Count

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Pampers Cruisers are designed to be comfortable and absorbent, while also being gentle enough on baby’s skin. This is a smaller size than the average 4-pack of diapers that you might use in your own home, but they should still fit well for most babies up to about ten pounds.
I found 14 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded this product 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The user reviews were mostly positive with some negative comments: “Very thin material so I worry it won’t last long”; “They leak easily if wet from drinking or diaper changes”;
and finally, “I love these! They’re perfect.” Other customers said things like ‘Love them!’ and ‘Great Cloth Diapers’ as well as giving more detailed specific information like “These are great…they don’t fall off my son’s head when he rolls over” an d”Soft plastic cover protects my infant daughter from any irritation”.


The Pampers Cruisers, Size 4, 22 Count are a reliable option for parents and babies. This product has a soft feel that is gentle on baby’s skin as well as being durable enough to last through many washings. As the diapers have an absorbent polypropylene material they allow liquids to pass through while keeping solids contained in their soft cover. Unlike other brands this product also includes patented Bellaire technology which allows it to move with your childs natural movements so there’s no need of straps or fasteners around the waist or legs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pampers Cruisers better than Swaddlers?

A: Pampers Cruisers are a better diaper for babies with sensitive skin. Swaddlers are not recommended for babies with sensitive skin.

What age wears size 4 Pampers?

A: Pampers size 4 is for babies who are between 6 and 12 months old.

What age to use Pampers Cruisers?

A: The age to use Pampers Cruisers is from birth to potty training.

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