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When it comes to cloth diapers there are a lot of choices for parents. These days, you can choose from prefolds and covers, pocket diapering systems or much more expensive all in one diaper/cover options. But what happens when your baby starts using the toilet instead of his diaper? Or worse yet is that he becomes incontinent overnight? It’s time to shop for an insert! The Naturally Natures Cloth Diaper Inserts 5 Layer offer superior absorption without any chemicals or fragrances; so they are perfect for home use.

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Features of Naturally Natures Cloth Diaper Inserts 5 Layer.

Reviews & Ratings of Naturally Natures Cloth Diaper Inserts 5 Layer.

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Naturally Natures Cloth Diaper Inserts 5 Layer are made of 100% cotton.
I found 31 customer reviews at the time of writing, and they had given this product a 4.7 out of ’5′ on average based on 23 reviews so far.
Although some customers said that it was better than Bambo Nature’s inserts – “These were much softer and more absorbent,” for example – most people felt that these were just as good if not better than other brands in their price range or higher. One person even suggested buying these over spending $50-70 per package from Amazon to save money in the long run! The majority also thought it fits perfectly into cloth diapers with no problems whatsoever, although one argued against the claims saying: “This insert is too thin for deep pockets (making them fit poorly). I ended up having to buy a bamboo insert which worked well.” Overall though, customers seem happy enough with their purchase of this baby diaper set and recommend it to friends looking for an affordable yet functional option


The five layer design of the Naturally Natures Cloth Diaper Inserts is designed to be absorbent and quickly break down. These inserts are eco-friendly, as they do not contain any chemicals or dyes. They will last for 300+ uses before needing replacement.,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cloth diaper insert is best?

A: The best cloth diaper insert is the one that fits your babys needs. Some parents find that a prefold or fitted diaper works well for their child, while others prefer to use an all-in-one diaper with a cover.

What are the most absorbent nappy inserts?

A: The most absorbent nappy inserts are usually made of hemp and bamboo.

Can bamboo inserts touch baby skin?

A: This is a common question that people have been asking for years. The answer is yes, bamboo can touch baby skin without any problems.

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