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As I was scrolling through Instagram, my eyes caught a photo of this amazing Mia Secret Acrylic Powder Cover. The colors are so vibrant and the image is just perfect for any makeup lover like me! Just by looking at the cover on Instagram, I knew that it would make one heck of an addition to my collection but when you actually see it up close in person – It’s gorgeous !!!

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Features of Mia Secret Acrylic Powder Cover

1. Excellent Coverage
2. Tone is the Perfect Shade
3. Powder Size 1 oz

1. Excellent Coverage

A makeup brush is only as good as the product you put on it. For example, if your foundation isn’t in place to properly cover blemishes or redness, then blending with a blender won’t be much help. That being said, using Mia Secret’s Acrylic Powder Cover will give you that perfect seamless finish when it comes time for concealing and contouring under-eye circles or dark spots caused by acne scars! The powder works well because of its advanced technology which makes sure no harsh lines are visible where powders meet skin – this ensures an even application every single time!,

2. Tone is the Perfect Shade

If you’re looking for a perfect shade of makeup that will look flawless on any complexion, Mia Secret Acrylic Powder Cover is the best option. It comes in two tone colors and looks like airbrush makeup when applied. The powder cover also has SPF 50 so it protects from UV rays as well as doing its job to keep your skin healthy by filtering out free radicals.

3. Powder Size 1 oz

The Mia Secret Acrylic Powder Cover is a convenient way to create an instant make up station with your own personalized look and style. The cover comes in three different colors so you can match the color of your concealer or foundation as well as the powder that goes on top of it. It’s easy to apply by simply pressing down, then blending around until smooth.

Reviews & Ratings of Mia Secret Acrylic Powder Cover

Our Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

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The Mia Secret Acrylic Powder Cover is a transparent powder that protects your clothes from stains and odors, removing them completely. It will also protect delicate outfits such as delicates or formal gowns without fading the colors in any way.
I found 7 customer reviews at the time of writing, and they had awarded it 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on average with over 93% being positive overall rating for this product so far!
All but one user said that their clothes looked new again after using it which made it easy to recommend! Other users commented “It works great” and “I love how my laundry smell now”
This makes me very confident recommending The Mia Secret Acrylic Powder cover as well!


The Mia Secret Acrylic Powder Cover offers a high-quality and easy to use option for anyone looking for an effective cover. The powder absorbs any oils or make up from the skin, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. The translucent look also makes this product very suitable as a foundation in some cases. Depending on what you’re trying to conceal, its good qualities will be better than others.,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mia Secret acrylic good?

A: Mia Secret acrylic is a great brand of nail polish.

What is cover acrylic powder used for?

A: Cover acrylic powder is a type of paint that can be used to cover surfaces. It is typically used for painting walls, ceilings, and furniture.

What brand of acrylic powder do professionals use?

A: The brand of acrylic powder that professionals use is called Powder Coat.

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