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I have baby in the house and we wanted to try out a new brand of powdered diaper rash cream. We had been using Johnson & Johnson-20001M Baby Powder for a few months now, but needed more so I decided to add it to our list of products purchased from Amazon. It arrived quickly, which was very convenient for us because my daughter has eczema and her skin breaks out quite frequently. Not only did she not break out with this product, but it was gentle enough that I also used it on myself when there weren’t any other options available (and trust me – as much as you want your mama’s backside free from irritation after childbirth). After several uses, no one could tell that anything unusual happened during the delivery process due
to the safe formula contained in their powder. We will definitely be purchasing more soon!

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Features of Johnson & Johnson-20001M Baby Powder

Reviews & Ratings of Johnson & Johnson-20001M Baby Powder

Our Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

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Baby Powder is a great purchase, this product will help you keep your baby’s skin healthy and soft. This particular brand has been around for years with many testimonials to back its worthiness up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Johnson and Johnson do wrong?

A: Johnson and Johnson did not do anything wrong.

Who is Johnson?

A: Johnson is a character in the movie Jumanji.

Is JNJ a buy?

A: JNJ is a buy.

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