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The Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover is a one size cloth diaper cover that snaps onto your baby’s waist. It comes with two snap closures on the front, and it has three layers of absorbent cloth on the inside so your little one will be dry wherever they go.

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Features of Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover – Snap Super One Size (12-40lbs)

1. Two Layers of PUL
2. Double Leg Gussets
3. Two Rows of Waist Snaps
4. Compatible with all Buttons Diaper Inserts
5. Interior PUL Flaps

1. Two Layers of PUL

The Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover is made from a double layer of PUL, the same material that’s used for most disposable diapers. This two-layer system keeps dirty laundry off your baby’s skin, and it also stops moisture getting in which could lead to rashes or infections. The super absorbent core and leak protection keep your baby comfortable no matter what kind of liquid they come into contact with. It has soft velcro tabs on each side so you are able to fasten them tightly around their waist without worrying about being too tight.

2. Double Leg Gussets

A great diaper cover that can be used with a snap in the back, or two snaps at the waist. It has double leg gussets so it’s nice and maneuverable for babies who are learning how to walk. The Double Leg Gussets also allow extra room around their legs as they grow out of diapers!

3. Two Rows of Waist Snaps

Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover – Snap Super One Size is a one size cover with three rows of snaps that can be adjusted to accommodate infants from 12 lbs. up to 40lbs. This means it will fit all your little ones and you won’t have to buy another for as long as they’re wearing diapers! Another great feature about this diaper cover is the two side waist snaps, which make changing time faster and easier for both mommy and baby.

4. Compatible with all Buttons Diaper Inserts

One size is not always best. Larger covers are often used in newborns, but the Snap Super One Size diaper cover has a stretchy elastic waistband to accommodate babies up to 40lbs. Designed with 4 snaps for easy attachment and makes changing your baby quick and simple!.

5. Interior PUL Flaps

The Snap Super One Size diaper cover has 5 interior PUL flaps and is made from a breathable, water-resistant material.

Reviews & Ratings of Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover – Snap Super One Size (12-40lbs)

Our Rating: 4.4 Out of 5 Stars

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The Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover – Snap Super One Size is a great way to protect your little one’s skin on their bottom. The snaps make it super easy for caregivers and parents to get the right fit without having to measure or guess at sizes. This cover also has an extra layer of protection with its two-layer insert that keeps solids in and spills out.
I found 9 customer reviews at the time of writing, but they had awarded this product 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average .
Most reviewers are pleased with their purchase as some say things like, “Love these!” while others said things like, “It fits my 8 month old perfectly!” However there were some complaints about how difficult it was for them to use the snaps properly: “The problem I have with all the buttons is you need 2 hands!”
However overall Amazon customers seem very happy with this buy which makes me confident enough not only recommend but also give four stars instead of just three


The Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover is a cotton, breathable diaper cover that snaps in the back. This product can also be hand washed with ease and dried on line or by air. It’s easy to use, durable, and has multiple colors and patterns available for purchase.,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand cloth diaper is the best?

A: I am not sure what you mean by best. Are you looking for a cloth diaper that is the most absorbent? The one with the best fit? The one with the lowest price?

What size snaps for cloth diapers?

A: I am not able to answer this question.

Which cloth diaper inserts are most absorbent?

A: The most absorbent cloth diaper inserts are the ones that are made of hemp.

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