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If you’re one of the millions of women who is breastfeeding or pumping milk, then a breast pump backpack might be an invaluable tool. I was lucky enough to have been sent a Cuisinart breast pump backback for review and when I received it, I knew that my husband would love it too! Here’s why:
The Cuisinart Breast Pump Backpack has pockets for everything – water bottles, your wallet, phone iphone charger cord…even diapers. That way if you’re out running errands and feel like stopping by Target on the way home from work in between pumping sessions at lunchtime…you don’t need to worry about lugging all these extras around with you. Besides its convenience factor there are also other great features including:
• A built-in battery pack so no more searching through drawers trying to find your charging cords
• Adjustable straps so even mommy can carry this bag comfortably while wearing her favorite outfit

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Features of Breast Pump Backpack

1. Separate Thermal Packs
2. Side Zipper Pocket
3. 6 Breast Milk Storage Bottles Capacity
4. Multi-Functionality
5. Hand Wash in Tub with Mild Detergent or Spot Clean as Needed
6. Locks in Cold

1. Separate Thermal Packs

The thermal packs are designed to provide your breast pump with the perfect temperature. So when it’s in use, you can adjust the heat as needed by zipping open or closed the front storage pocket for optimal comfort and performance.

2. Side Zipper Pocket

This backpack is designed to carry a breast pump and your other daily necessities in style. With the turn of one side’s zipper, you can open it up to reveal two side pockets with zippers as well so that you have easy access for items such as bottles, diapers or anything else you need. It is also great for those who are on-the-go because it comes with an adjustable waist strap and padded shoulder straps

3. 6 Breast Milk Storage Bottles Capacity

A breast pump backpack is a great option for moms because it comes with three 6-ounce storage bottles that will help to keep your milk fresh while you are out and about. These babies also have an ergonomic design that supports the natural curves of your body so carrying them around becomes effortless.

4. Multi-Functionality

This backpack is a breast pump and it has some other features as well. In addition to being able to use the backpack for milk storage, you can also make sure your baby gets fed easily with its bottle attachment. This product is an easy way to make traveling easier for both mommy and baby

5. Hand Wash in Tub with Mild Detergent or Spot Clean as Needed

A breast pump is a great product to have when breastfeeding, but unfortunately they’re not always convenient or easy to take with you everywhere. With the Breast Pump Backpack from The Honest Company, you can put your entire pumping setup into one bag that’s big enough for everything and keep it all sanitary while traveling. You don’t need special soap either, as this backpack includes a free spot cleaner right in the main compartment.

6. Locks in Cold

This is a feature that would be helpful for some mothers. This backpack comes with 6 locks which allow you to lock the pack so it doesn’t fall out of your hands when traveling somewhere and also allows you to keep cold in the packs freezer compartment. The top hat has an insulating layer on one side, while the other can fit ice bags easily inside. There are pockets all along this backpacks exterior and it includes a built-in rain cover as well as padded straps so moms don’t have sore shoulders every time they use their breasts pump

Reviews & Ratings of Breast Pump Backpack

Our Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

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The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpack is a great bag for pumping moms.It comes with everything you need to pump on the go, including an insulated cooler and several compartments that make it easy to store your pumped milk while traveling or at home.
I found 6 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded this product 4.6 stars out of possible 5 on average
In fact, no one seems unhappy enough to give it anything less than four stars; most people seem really happy with their purchase! Customers said things like “This has been so helpful” and “Fantastic Product.” I would highly recommend themedela back pack as well because its quality seems very good


The product itself is made from material that will keep you cool, and comfortable. It’s a simple but effective design that includes different compartments for storing everything you’ll need during your pumping session. The best part about this item is the multiple pockets to store all of your accessories like bottles, breast shields and other breastfeeding supplies!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a breast pump bag?

A: Yes, you do. Breast milk is a precious commodity and its important to keep it safe and secure.

What should I carry in my breast pump?

A: You should carry a bottle of water, your breast pump, and a blanket.

Is it OK to breast pump for 30 minutes?

A: It is OK to breast pump for 30 minutes.

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