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Do you want to make the most out of your baby’s nursery space? Then you need a diaper stacker and caddy. Sure, it might seem like an unnecessary purchase, but when you’re looking for ways to save on clutter in your child’s room without sacrificing quality–it pays off!

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Features of Baby Doll Bedding Regal Diaper Stacker, Navy

Reviews & Ratings of Baby Doll Bedding Regal Diaper Stacker, Navy

Our Rating: 3.1 Out of 5 Stars

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The Baby Doll Bedding Regal Diaper Stacker is not a particularly special product. It just does the basics of what it was designed to do, which are twofold: stack diapers and caddies them in one place. The design uses velcro straps for stacking and also comes with a carry case that allows you to store all your needs easily when traveling or on-the-go. There were only five reviews at the time of publishing this article but most reviewers seem pleased overall – 3 stars out of 5 on average – though there were some dissatisfied customers who rated it less than three stars, saying things like “it doesn’t hold enough” and “the elastic bands don’t stay tight together well.” My conclusion would be that if you’re looking for something similar without having to spend too much money I’d recommend going with another option instead.


Purchasing a Baby Doll Diaper Stacker is an easy way to save space and help your child develop good habits. With the versatile design of this product, it can be used for storage as well as diaper changing stations in any room of your home

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